Saturday, November 20, 2010

Local Music Mix!

This week's featured artist is not only talented but must be given props for the amount of music that he has put out into the local music scene not only here in B-town but throughout the midwestern U.S. Pull on the headphones and crank up the volume for this week's "Local Music Mix" featuring Toby Foster!

This week's featured local music act is...

Toby Foster is from Bloomington, Indiana.

He has released quite a few things:
2006? - Self Titled CD (self released, he hates it, you're never gonna hear it)
2007 - PJ Records 4 way split with Redbear., Super Famicom, and Ben Laatsch
2007 - Vegetables CD-R (self released)
2008 - Toby Foster + A Drum and an Open Window split CD (We Made These Things)
2008 - Tour Cassette Tape (self released)
2008 - Winter '08 Tour EP CD-R (self released)
2008 - October Cassette Tape (Tiny Panda Records)
2009 - Toby Foster / Evan Gornik split 12'' (Keep It Together Recordsp)
2009 - Beloit EP CD-R (self released)
2010 - March 2010 Tour CD-R (self released)
2010 - On Moving And Standing Still (self released)

Check out his site to keep up on the latest tour dates and show times and check out his store where you can actually buy things with PayPal or with a credit/debit card. He also put the Fall 2010 tour posters up there, since they still have 20 or 30 left. They are $5 postpaid.

If you don't get enough of his sounds here on A.S.t.v. then you can here more on his MySpace page at

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