Sunday, October 3, 2010

Local music scene.

While roaming the shadows on Kirkwood the other night my ears picked up on a sound that drew me out from the back alleys of B-town into the streetlights and towards the sidewalk stage in front of Soma's. It was the sounds being made by a fresh young band from Nashville, TN that call themselves the Young Republic. The dancing guy in the video is a local homeless man who lost all of his toes on both feet to frost bite while living on the streets during the cold winters here in B-town. None the less, neither a lack of appendages nor a lack of a home can keep him from dancing a jig to the folksy sounds of these kids from Nashville.

The Young Republic is a Nashville quintet, schooled at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and signed in Europe to End Of The Road Records. Since 2004, these highly skilled musicians have been praised by the likes of Mojo Magazine, The BBC and The Guardian for their extraordinary take on American Music. Classical training blends into a love of jazz, blues and folk and is all packaged in one hell of a rock n' roll band. Their new album Balletesque explores all the aforementioned territory and at points goes beyond to something unique to the group itself. Nashville players with conservatory training and a rock n' roll heart, The Young Republic is a band not to be missed.
Visit their website at to download free tracks of their music and to find out more about the band and tour dates!

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