Sunday, November 21, 2010

What is an empath, and are you one?

An empath is someone who picks up on the emotions and / or feelings around them. It may be the feelings of someone they are close to. It might be the general feelings in a room or even when there is a very strong emotion around the world, such as fear.

Have you ever been feeling good, but suddenly, for no apparent reason, you experience a drop in your emotions? This might be due to a friend or partner dropping in their emotions and you are picking up on this. This is a sympathetic attachment, and it's not unusual for someone to feel down or depressed in sympathy with another. Unfortunately, it's not healthy, either.

Many, like myself, who pick up feelings like a sponge, tend to do so because they are ungrounded. This means, part of them does not want to actually be here on this planet,  and so their spirit is 'out there' rather than in their body. This becomes a vicious cycle, as the more ungrounded you are, the more negativity you can pick up, and the less you wish to return to your body.

Empaths often suffer greatly because they do not understand what is happening to them. I know that as a youth, when I first began to take notice of my empathic capabilities, that I was confused by what I was experiencing and FEELING. They, like myself at the time, are not aware that their feelings are not their own. They do not understand why they are feeling depressed, anxious, desponded, etc, and rarely will they actually connect it to others.

Most high level empaths are prone to clinical depression and are prone to take on the problems and pain of others, as a way of lessining it. This is dangerous and unhealthy for the empath.

Many are driven by feelings of guilt, feeling bad if they feel good, and others don't. They will attempt to match their moods in order to show solidarity and sympathy, however, this ends up making things worse for both you and the one you are trying to console.

Being an empath doesn't have to be all bad, though. It can be a very powerful and potent tool for connecting with others and helping them to heal. It can also bring an incredible amount of joy if you are able to control it.

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