Saturday, November 13, 2010

Local Music Mix!

There are a number of new additions to the "Local Music Mix" here on Anti-Society t.v. this week. We got Corey Smith spitting out a new verse, Keller Williams doing a cover of Pepper at the Blue Bird and three new tunes by B-town's own Toby Foster as well as others. Pull on the headphones and crank up the volume for this week's "Local Music Mix"!

This week's featured local music act is...

Based in Bloomington, Indiana, ATOM HEART MOTHER is comprised of a group of professional musicians who have all done national touring and recording for many years. All the musicians have equal love for sharing the sights and sounds of the legendary Pink Floyd. Not your ordinary tribute band, Atom Heart Mother utilizes an incredible show production that allows the band to recreate the spectacular concert experience that made Pink Floyd famous. With over 60-100 Moving Lights, Lasers, Strobes and Video that is just a few of the details that will help take the audience back to the heyday of rock concerts of the 70's and 80's. Atom Heart Mother is not just a tribute band, it is an authentic concert experience.

The band was already playing as a classic rock band. Formed by Andy Hollinden, a professor at Indiana University with guitar virtuoso Rich Morpurgo and other professional musicians from all over. The band wanted to do something different at one of their shows, They came up with the idea to do "Dark Side" start to finish.

After playing the show doing "Dark Side Of The Moon" to a sold out crowd of almost 1000 people, Andy, Rich and the other members of the band decided after the reaction to do a tribute project. Jamey Reid, the drummer of the band came up with the name. The band got together with Chuck Gillespie a Lighting Designer of over 30 years in the business who had really wanted to do this kind of a project with some good musicians on a big scale. " This is one of the most fun projects I have done in a long time" it is a blast. I get to use a big production like I would for any big named band. The stress level is at a low because we are all having fun." 

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