Monday, December 27, 2010

Pure Pwnage! (ep09)

Pure PwnageImage via Wikipe

Jeremy is a leet gamer, but he still lives in his mom’s basement. His n00b brother Kyle, an aspiring filmmaker, documents Jeremy’s life as he is forced to get off his ass and get a "real" job.

The beginning of the episode is a Call of Duty 2 skit, featuring FPS Doug and Jeremy playing as soldiers. They make a reference to Pulp Fiction; Doug says "[m]an, I hope you don't have a watch in your ass". Also, the skit bears a resemblance to the ending of Red vs Blue Episode 8. After the skit, Kyle decides to do an episode solely centering around Dave, because of his online popularity. The next scene involves FPS Doug receiving a new weapon from a friend of Teh_Masterer, and it parodies several scenes from the film Taxi Driver. Back to Jeremy and Dave, they encounter Anastasia, who is on a date with a guy who is a jock, which aggravates Jeremy. After a heated exchange, Jeremy storms off, clearly very angry.

After a while, the trio are confronted by a crowd of unknown micro warriors, who attack them. During the middle of the battle, the action cuts off to an important flashback of Dave's past in China, revealing his gaming history. Suddenly he breaks, and comes to the rescue, helping to drive away the attackers. Jeremy and Kyle immediately consult Teh_Masterer, who orders Jeremy to find more pro-gamers. Upon arriving home, Jeremy finds a sad note left by Dawei on the table, indicating his apologies and exit from the show.

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