Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Retro-Core! (ep09)

Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemImage via Wikipedia

Retro-Core is produced by a guy (called Yakumo) who lives in Japan and tries to cover a ton of classic, rare, or weird video games. He shows footage of them in action, talks briefly about them, and gives a hands on opinion.

More games than ever before plus a brand new feature called East2West that shows how games are bastardized for the western market. In this first feature we take a look at what happened to NCSâs very colourful Ranma 1/2 when Irem released it in the States. Other goodies include Super Bikuriman on the SFC for Shite of the Month â Arcade Columns â97 â Saturn Sega Rally â Mobile Phone Metal Slug STG â Sharp X68000 Detana Twinbee (originally filmed for RC Vol.9) â Dreamcast Blue Submarine No.6 â Tech Romancer for the Anime Corner â Mega Drive Valis III â PSX Ridge Racer â Super Famicom Kikikaikai â Game Gear fatal Fury Special and Famicom Codename Viper. Thatâs whopping 13 different games or 14 if you count the East2West section as two different games.

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