Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Ant-Society presents: Lord of the Universe (1974)

Excerpt from the duPont-Columbia winning documentary that takes a skeptical view of the Guru Maharaj Ji, leader of a cult-like, new age group, the Divine Light Mission (DLM), and who is known to his followers as "The Lord of the Universe".

It chronicles a gathering of his followers at Houston's Astrodome, as well as some of the beliefs and practices of his zealous supporters. This excerpt features Rennie Davis and Abbie Hoffman. Clips of Davis in his more radicals days are contrasted with his current New Agey-support of the Guru. Hoffman is quite critical of Davis and the other followers: "Rennie is arrogant about the future... There's a difference between saying youve found god, and that you know his address."... "If this guy IS God, hes the God America deserves!"

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