Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Anti-Society presents - 9/11: The Falling Man

9/11: The Falling Man is a 2006 documentary film about the controversial photograph taken by Associated Press photographer Richard Drew, depicting a man falling from the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 9:41:15 a.m. during the September 11 attacks and the story behind that image.

The man in the photograph, whose identity remains uncertain despite all attempts that have been made to identify him, was one of the people trapped on the upper floors of the skyscraper who apparently was forced to jump rather than die from the fire and smoke.
The documentary was made by American filmmaker Henry Singer and filmed by Richard Numeroff, a New York-based director of photography. The film is loosely based on Junod's Esquire story. It also drew its material from photographer Lyle Owerko's pictures of falling people.

"perhaps the most powerful image of despair at the beginning of the twenty- first century is not found in art, or literature, or even popular music. It is found in a single photograph."
                                      Mark D. Thompson of Moore Theological College

9/11 was one of the most pivotal events in recent world history. Its impact will be felt for years to come. Go beyond the sound bites and the simplified official story that the "Mainstream Media Machine" keeps pumping out.

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