Monday, January 16, 2012

Un-Occupy Bloomington!

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In October of 2011 a group of weekend activist gathered together calling themselves "Occupy Bloomington". Anti-Society t.v. was there broadcasting LiveStream and asked the question "Why are you here?" to anyone passing by. Not very many members of the "Occupy Bloomington" group utilized the Live feed, but a number of long time "homeless" and "street people" of Bloomington did. This is one of them...

I didn't spend much time at the camp because I am allergic to Grapefruit, Pineapple, and Trustifarians. I had the Hives as a result, and I had to leave. LOL I fared well in Berzerkeley's People's Park, Tompkin's Square Park in the Lower East Side, Earth People's Park in Norton Vermont, and even both Hog Farms (Wavy's and Yonder's). Oh yeah. Plus Rollo's Farm, and Zeus's Farm. The difference in Bloomington is that the Noobs came in attempting to set "Rules" for the Parkies who have always dwelled here, and then the Noobs did act a bit like a cult. Or was it a clique. Needless to say, the mainly disrupted the Milleux of the existing inhabitants, and became the corporate fat cats that they were initially protesting against. Now that the event has been squelched, I may be able to ride my bike through the park, and maybe even play some guitar without some dudes trying to borrow my guitar. The Occupy folks seem to have gotten off lucky with the fact that the city didn't use tear gas or fire hoses on the park. I feel that most of the movement was some kind of contrivance of egotistic cock fighting in the name of photo opportunities and other such ilk. I have been billy clubbed by the face scrapers, and believe me; It hurts a lot. This movement seemed to actually kiss the arse of the Regency and Gentry once they started making sleazy "Deals" with the mayor. Then, when it went badly they seemed to immediately go to town hall to suckle the leathery breast of the corporate beast itself. It was a collective shameful series of acts that leaves me slightly disgusted. And I actually "AM" a Hippie. I hope that you repost this statement ASTV. And maybe even put up my actual video interview on YouTube. It may indeed illuminate the real causes occurring in Amerika. I did find some of the "Older" hippies alright at times. The Occupy movement also dropped the ball when they ran off the guy who was bringing water to them with his van because he is a Christian. That kind of turned me off of their useless banter about the time that the electricity was cut. I think that the Occupy Movement kind of Neutered and Spayed itself very efficiently. Hey. at least they accomplished that. I am also surprised that this action did not result in the city putting a fourteen foot fence and gate around it and close the park for rennovations like New York did in 1991. Looks like they got off lucky this time. BTW. My statements are merely opinions. Ones which are backed up by a whole lot of experience coast to coast. I am a radical after all. It's really all about raising consciousness in the long run. So I consider it progressive PR for the few freedoms we have left in this modern world.                        -"Hippie" Dave "Wrongtree" Parsons

O.B. IS NOT and NEVER HAS been a REAL "Occupation" in any sense of the word, it is just a gathering of the Cadow-Johnson cult members. I feel sorry for all the genuine people who were dupped by this mockery of an "Occupation", and hope that in the future we ALL might learn to "Occupy" together instead of following another to lead. Follow the leader is what got us all (as a global human community) in this state of self imposed slavery.

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