Thursday, October 13, 2011

What is all this "OCCUPY" crap about anyways?

If a picture is worth a thousand words then...

Get it? Do YOU understand what it is REALly about? Stop dividing yourselves over the smaller "causes", these things are only SYMPTOMS of the greater ILL(ness). This is a HUMANity issue (illness) and only YOU, each and every one of YOU reading this, watching this can resolve (cure/fix) "IT".

To the noble Occupiers of People's Park in Bloomington, IN (and elsewhere Globally) I say this, that now is NOT the time for compliance with the SYSTEM, I assure you that it will has WILL NOT by COMPLIANT to your needs, request, or demands! It does NOT want to be changed, or threatened.

Do not be fooled by the masks of "familiar faces" in your local Government, Officials, and yes I dare say it, or even your fellow citizens. The corruption and oppression run all throughout the system, even way down to the "small town America" roots. BE WARNED and BE AT READY, for the time will come when the SYSTEM and thus it's local Represententives ( I assure you that they have not been representing us for some time now) and Officials (the cops are on the SYSTEMS payroll and thus do NOT serve and protect us that appose the SYSTEM) will lose tolerance and come down upon you with the mighty fist of OPPRESSION and it will be firm! When that time comes, know that there are those of us out here who have been "OCCUPYING" all along, in the shadows of those places that the SYSTEM has abandoned. We will always MEET OPPRESSION with direct and defiant RESISTANCE! If you choose to stand strong when that time comes, and it will, we of the Anti-Society will come out from the shadows and STAND with you! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

In the meantime, continue to strengthen in numbers and to "WAKING UP" the sheeple!

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