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DMT can be found in every living thing, INCLUDING YOU!

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Have you ever had a dream?

Have you ever had a near-death experience?


Have you ever seen those funny shows about people’s “alien” abuction stories?

Chances are you have answered at least one of these questions. Now you are most likely wondering, “what does this have to do with DMT? I’ve never even heard of that.” All though you may have no idea what DMT is, chances are you have experienced it at least a few times this past week.

DMT or Dimethyltryptamine, is a chemical compound that is found in the part of your brian called the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland is a pinecone shaped gland in the middle of your brain located in between your two eyes. This chemical compound is found in every living animal, human, and some plants.

Soooo why is this important?

Dmt is responsible for something that baffles people as well as is a common occurence everynight, aka dreams. During your REM (rapid eye movement) cycle of sleep, this chemical is released into the bloodstream. This is what causes you to dream, and have a sense of “being” while you are in that dream process. Why this chemical is relased during your REM cycle? That is one of the many mysteries surrounding this chemical compound.

DMT, like many mind altering substances, has been around since the dawn of human civilizations. In the US in 1931 this chemical compound was first scientifically synthesized by chemists. It was not until the 1950’s, that scientists discovered it has already occured in nature for millions of years. The first found documentation of DMT dates back to as early as the 8th century AD. Many South American shamans have been using a plant containing DMT for spirituality, and ceramonies for hundreds and thousands of years. Many other ancient cilivizations, such as the Ancient Egyptians, have been doing studies on the Pineal Gland and the uses of it since the time of the mummies. During mummification, the Egyptians would throw away the entire brain but save the Pineal Gland in a sacred jar to be buried with the dead. They believed it was this gland that was responsible for human consciousness. The Ancient Egyptians and the South Americans were two of the many acient cilivizations and great thinkers to take interest in this mysterious part of our body.

More current history

The United States made DMT illegal in 1971 and was not able to be used by even scientists until the early 1990’s. It is currently considered a Schedual 1 drug if you are caught selling or possesing it. It was not until the mid ‘90’s that scientists started doing more research on this chemical compound. It remains illegal today in the United States as well as many other European contries. The most extensive research performed on this compound has been done by Rick Strassman, a scientist and psychiatrist. His book DMT: the Spirit Molecule has been read by thousands of people, as well as made into a documentary.

So if it’s already in your body…?

If DMT naturally occurs in your body, how do you “do” DMT?

DMT can be extracted from many different kinds of plants such as many strands of the acacia plant, and different reed plants. This chemical is found in everything from theroots to the actual flowers of these plants. Extracting the chemical from these plants is somewhat difficult, and if you were not a good chemistry student you most likely will have some difficulty.

Plants are not the only way of obtaining more DMT then what is naturally occurring in your body. Bufo toads are also a way of extracting this chemical compound. These toads naturally occur in Central and South America, and have been used in these countries for spiritual practices for thousands of years. This toad produces venom which needs to be “milked” by stroking the underneath of its chin to stimulate an attack response so it produces this venom. Despite the common misconception, “licking” toads won’t make you “trip,” it’ll make you sick. Instead smoking this venom is the better and more effective method.

DMT is found in almost every living thing on Earth, but most can not be extracted and used by humans.

So what makes DMT different from say, LSD or Shrooms?

DMT is different from other hallucinagenics because it is not meant to be taken as a fun, recreational, drug. People don’t take DMT to see pretty colors and magical unicorn lands, they take it as a spiritual renewal of their body and soul. DMT is released when you are close to death in large amounts to let you contemplate your life, as well as make it easier for you to pass on. If we can tap into that viewpoint of our mind while we are alive who knows what kind of amazing discoveries we can make about ourselves, the way we think and how our brain functions. People do things for religious purposes everyday in the form of ceremonies, rituals, and meditation so why people shake their heads whenever someone suggests something new? Many people do not even realize the ignorance that flows through people’s perceptions of religion. The Catholic Church uses small amounts of wine in their religious practices, and even though that is technically illegal because wine is an alcoholic beverage and if you under 21 as we all know, we can’t consume it. For whatever reason however, the government allows this practice to be continued, and nobody ever thinks twice about it. So if people have been using DMT for religious purposes for hundreds, and thousands of years why is that now illegal? If people were more educated on the subject of self meditation, spirituality, and knowing oneself, the world would have so much less anger and hate because people could learn to control themselves and truly know the person they are. If this could possibly help us find our true selves it baffles me on how our society is so intently apt on making this illegal, and shunning it from the public eye.

I do not consider DMT a drug because it should not be treated like one. This chemical compound should be respected, and people should be educated on DMT, not to get people to want to do it, but to learn to respect other people’s usage of it for their own personal self-discovery.

People learn and grow everyday but it is the occurrences that are strange, stand out, and move us, that really have profound impact on our lives.

So we’ve heard enough about what it is, does, and where it comes from…so how do we actually do DMT? Isn’t it already in our body?

There are several different ways to “do” DMT

The most common form of doing DMT is by smoking it. The powder-like material is usually put on top marijuana because of DMT’s unpleasant taste. Within anywhere between 1-3 hits you will immediately start feeling the effects.

Other forms of doing DMT is by injecting it. Most cases, besides in studies done in labs and by physiciatrists, people usually do not inject it.

Other ways of doing DMT include drinking it.  “ayahuasca” made from Banisteriopsis caapi, has inhibitors of poisenous substances that otherwise would be harmful to the body if taken orally.

This is why “licking toads” is an urban legend. Injesting the venom the Bufo toad extracts without proper processing can be harmful to your health.

In an episode of the popular television show, 1000 Ways To Die, it displays 2 young men venture into the wild to find toads to lick to “trip” little do they know that is not only a stupid idea in the fist place, they lick poison dart frogs instead. This video just illustrates the common misconception of using licking toads is the wrong way to ingest DMT.

The video below is the episode I was talking about in the paragraph above:


(website is written by several different people but the articles I chose were written by:        Alexander T. Shulgin,  Terence McKenna, (uses, dosage, legality, effects, and risks)

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