Monday, October 3, 2011


So why Anime-Jesus? 

Why not? I dig the teachings of Yeshua (that's J.C. or Jesus for those crazy christian so-called-followers who don't know) as well as the teachings of many other great philosophers and thinkers throughout accepted history such as Plato or Confucius. I think that most all of them were striving to explain these fundamental "truths" of existence. Whether it be through spiritual beliefs or philosophical view or scientific theory, the goal has been the same. 

Yeah, but why Jesus?
The character of "Jesus", more so than the actual individual or his teachings, has become a globally recognized "icon" of sorts. What better image or "character" to use?

OK, then why ANIME-Jesus? 

Well hell, I just like Anime. I have been a huge fan of the genre every since I can remember!
And there you have it... Anime-Jesus!

P.S. Thanx 2 the "Squid" for the inspiration for the theme song, which is still needing some vocals and a lot more work.

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