Saturday, November 20, 2010

Soul Eater (Ep 02)

The three main meisters of Soul Eater (from le...Image via Wikipedia

I know, I know, "Funimation" isn't exactly an alternative to the mainstream, as a matter of fact it has become THE mainstream producer of cookie-cutter Anime here in the states. So what? I was turned onto "Soul Eater" by a dear friend and I'm breaking the rules.

Soul Eater is an anime that centers around meisters and their weapons and their mission to collect 99 evil souls and 1 witch soul. Upon doing that the meister's weapons will become a Deathscythe, which is the highest title for a weapon. Maka, Soul Eater, Black Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, and Patty and Liz Thompson are the characters Soul Eater revolves around. Besides taking the time to gather souls these students of Shibusen defend Death City from some of the most powerful of creatures while still attending school and trying to become stronger.

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