Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Wing-Nut" watch! - Tom Cruise (ep. 03)

"Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Cruise has tossed off the shackles of Hollywood oppression and is piloting his Scientology-fueled funny car straight towards you. The tires are smoking and he's screaming to the stands about Katie, psychiatry, sex, space aliens, and Brooke Shields. We invite you to grab some popcorn and watch for a few minutes before the crash..."

You've probably heard of Scientology and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard: he started the movement in the 1950s and built it up to a multinational organization. The Church of Scientology has put copies of Dianetics into nearly every bookstore and library in America and other countries, and they have an unending public relations campaign for the book, which they claim will help you to lead a better life.
But if you ask about Scientology anywhere on the Internet, you are likely to be answered by statements of distrust, skepticism, and suspicion. All across the Net - and all over the world - people are viewing the Church of Scientology with a critical eye. The users of the Internet are not buying into Scientology's carefully sculpted image. To a growing number of Netizens, the term "Scientologist" is being equated with "bully," "liar," and "cult fanatic."

Which brings us back to this week's "Wing-Nut" folks, Mr. Tom Cruise. Yeah, I know that we usually try to focus on a local individual here on the "Wing-Nutz!", but this guy is begging to be an acception to the rule. If these videos aren't enough, there is an awesome website dedicated to Mr. Cruise and his antics called that is sure to satisfy your Cruise cravings.

Tune in to A.S.t.v. this Sunday for an in depth look at Scientology and it's disturbing secrets!

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