Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Wing-Nut" watch! (ep. 02)

I first came across today's "wing-nut" years ago as he stood in the middle of Peoples Park strumming a guitar and croning out his complaints and to be honest, at the time I thought to myself "Well at least he is doing something". The next time that I recall meeting Mr. Rivera was in front of the MCPL where he was trying to get signatures for the legalization of marijuana (another great cause that I support!) and running for some kind of local office. It was during that encounter that I first noticed the tell-tell signs that I was in the presence of a "wing-nut". Still, I of all people support the legalization of marijuana (I'll refrain from going into my usual rant here) and figured once again "hey, at least he is DOING something". Since then my opinion has changed. I am a huge proponent for the equality of all individuals, including "wing-nuts", and frankly some of my most beloved people are "wing-nuts". Gabriel Rivera is not one of them. Not only is Gabriel Rivera a full fledged flaming "wing-nut" that inevitably does more damage for any cause that he even associates himself with, but he is a DANGEROUS "wing-nut" with a history of sexual misconduct, violent behavior, and mental instabilty.
Let me tell you of the encounter that I had with Mr. Rivera that initially caused me enough concern that I decided to do a little research about him.
It was a beautiful sunny day in downtown Bloomington and I was hanging out when I noticed this guy yelling at screaming "NAZI!" at a young lady (who so happens to be a good friend of mine) who had been running the Urban Market. My friend (the young lady) is a petite and gentle spoken person and it was obvious that this guy was cuasing her a great deal of distress. So being the galiant gentleman that I can be at times I decided to intervene and case him off with a few choice words and actions of my own. I never did get a clear story as to what sparked the event, but regardless, I was left with the impression that this guy is one dangerous "wing-nut"! So I decided to do a little digging around and submit this playlist of the antics of Gabriel "I'm fucking up any chances of ending the drug war" Rivera in all his glory and let you decide for yourselves.

If you want to see more of this "wing-nut" you can find him on the web at the following places;
on MySpace at
his other page at
he has videos at
Connect with him on
This last video deserves a spot of it's own. It is a music video by Mr. Rivera dedicated to one of his previous "victims".

Keep an eye out for this "wing-nut" on the streets of Bloomington, Indiana and don't say that you have not been forewarned!

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