Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hatchet Happenin's! (ep. 03)

"Whattup, Juggalos!? We’ve got DJ Fillin, Sugar Slam, Corporal Robinson, DJ Clay, and Upchuck the Clown comin’ at you with a brand new episode of Hatchet Happenings! They’re covering the news of Psychopathic Records from top to bottom and lettin’ you know everything that’s goin’ on in the world of the Juggalos! It also includes an exclusive interview with Mike E. Clark as he recalls the frightening experience of producing South of Hell with the infamous Boondox! What are you still readin’ this for? Check out episode three of the Hatchet Happenings now!"

Also check out the I.C.P. video "Behind the Paint" following this weeks episode!

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