Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mediums Well Done

Deep Dish TV is the first national satellite network linking local access producers and programmers, independent video makers, activists, and other individuals who support the idea and reality of a progressive television network.
While commercial networks present a homogeneous and one-dimensional view of society, Deep Dish TV thrives on diversity. Instead of television that encourages passivity, deep dish distributes creative programming that educates and activates.

Mediums Well Done: Re-Making Pop Culture (1986)

Serves as an analytical tool for dissecting the American mass media with demystifying the economic structure of the media and exposing TV politics and religion. This show reassembles the discarded debris of mass culture to comment upon that culture without disdain or condescension to mass culture or its audiences. Produced by William Boddy and Marisa Bowe (NY, NY)

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