Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mayor Kruzan Felon

The original video regarding Mayor Mark Kruzan's shady past was removed from YouTube during the last elections, so here is another even more in depth video about Mayor Kruzan. Please like, comment, and make sure to share!
In October of 1993, Kruzan was arrested for theft and residential entry -- both Class D felonies -- after using a key to enter, without her consent, the apartment of a woman he had been dating, Debora Frazier. In a series of newspaper articles published in The Herald-Times from October 4, 1993, through October 6, 1993, Kruzan made numerous comments and statements to the paper attempting to explain his reasons for entering the apartment without permission from his former girlfriend and for stealing items he had previously given to her. According to a police affidavit, Kruzan also made a statement admitting to removing a screen from the former girlfriend's window "to make her feel 'uneasy and nervous.'" (The Herald-Times, Oct. 5, 1993.)

In a statement read to the editor of the The Herald-Times, Kruzan stated that: "'I deeply regret that it has gone this far. At no time was there intent on either party's part to hurt the other....This incident is the unfortunate product of a long and tumultuous relationship that has involved pain for everyone concerned....I'm embarrassed that an essentially private matter has escalated to this level. My great hope is that some sort of understanding can be achieved by all involved....I'm very aware the public perception will be bad. In my case it will be 'another politician in trouble.' But I have to put personal stakes above political to help both myself and her.'" (The Herald-Times, Oct. 4, 1993.)

Kruzan denied "having emotional problems" and stated that he was "not seeking psychological counseling." (The Herald-Times, Oct. 4, 1993.)

Subsequent to Kruzan's arrest, the Monroe County prosecutor decided to bring Kruzan's case before a grand jury. Shortly thereafter, Kruzan's former girlfriend approached the prosecutor "to ask for a solution that would avoid criminal prosecution of Kruzan." She stated that she had initially pressed charges "'in order to ensure my own safety and out of concern for Mark's mental health.'" Kruzan entered into an agreement, "titled Withheld Prosecution Agreement," which listed eight conditions with which Kruzan agreed to comply, including an acknowledgement of "responsibility" for his actions, an expression of "remorse for creating in her uneasiness, fear and anxiety," and an agreement to undergo counseling. (The Herald-Times, Oct. 6, 1998)

Kruzan did not publicly apologize for his behavior until ten years later, in October, 2003, while campaigning as a candidate for the Bloomington mayor's office.


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