Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WeedGeist (complete web documentary)

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Having seen Zeitgeist , when I came across this independently produced web documentary entitled WeedGeist my curiosity forced my to have a look. Being a supporter of "Mary" and a close personal friend, I am glad that I was compelled to sit through the entire video. I hope that you enjoy it as well. Grab your munchies and blaze up...

WeedGeist is a Web documentary about the legalization of Marijuana and why it is fundamentally necessary to not only decriminalize it, but to completely legalize it. In times like this where our Monster economy attacks the public and bleeds us and our government, we need need to make the choice to step up into the future and create new choices and ideas.

Marijuana can very easily revive our entire nation, and help us step forward to new industry, health care and social services that will not only NOT be a burden on tax payers, but bring large relief as well.

I remember a day and age where our country was all about moving forward and taking new chances to leap into a better future for all. But now these seem to be a thing of the past. We've given all of our industry away, created miles of laws in the land of the free, and fight wars over oil which an nonrenewable resource. America is supposed to be about moving around these problems and perfecting them. Why aren't we the leader in advancing in our known renewable resources and capitalizing in a very profitable way to end the needs to even have war. This is 2011 alright, I want my damn flying car and apartment on moon! WE HAVE THE MEANS TO DO THIS LIKE 30 YEARS AGO!!

Legalizing this one plant can not only aid in getting us that step forward, but completely assist us on the way. I haven't been blessed with the faith so I don't know if this plant was handed down by god, but do know we are gifted to have it. So please help spread the word and let us help each other fight for a better tomorrow by fighting for this piece of nature, Marijuana.

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