Sunday, July 17, 2011

B-town Bike Scene!

City of Bloomington officials announced a plan to make the city friendlier to bicyclists and pedestrians by 2016!

Share the road sign, New York City.Image via Wikipedia 2016!? What the hell? Don't these Hoosiers know that the world is going to end next year in 2012? What the hell are improved bike conditions going to do after the apocalypse? Of course I am just joking (or am I?), but still, why will it take so long to improve roads to make them more bike friendly here in B-town? I mean, I am seeing tons of construction and millions of dollars being put into road renovations all over town, much of which I have to navigate through on my bicycle, and even more hoopla being raised about the B-line trail construction every day. So why not funnel some of those resources into improving existing bike lanes and adding more bike lanes NOW rather than years down the road? Why not make the streets and roads just as safe and accessible to those of us who choose not to roll around in steel boxes burning dead dinosaurs and polluting up our environment both locally and globally? I think that every damn street, road, highway and byway in Monroe County, hell on the entire planet, should be made more accessible to those who choose to bicycle or walk more so than those nasty and selfish fossil fuel burning behemoths! But that is just my humble opinion.
On the brighter side, the bike scene is alive and thriving here in B-town. From the Bloomington Bike Project to the Little 500, B-towns bike scene is pedaling strong!

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