Monday, December 20, 2010

Pure Pwnage! (ep08)

Pure PwnageImage via Wikipe

 Jeremy is a leet gamer, but he still lives in his mom’s basement. His n00b brother Kyle, an aspiring filmmaker, documents Jeremy’s life as he is forced to get off his ass and get a "real" job.

Jeremy and Doug have started to play video games together again, just like they did before their feud. Jeremy receives an ominous phone call, foreshadowing events to come. Faced with the approach of LANageddon, Jeremy and Doug teach each other about their respective mastered game genres: Jeremy instructs Doug about RTS games while Doug returns the favour by informing Jeremy about FPS games. Eventually, they arrive at LANageddon where they sign up for the CS:S tournament. The two easily win each game, and are destined to meet each other at the finals. However, they encounter a confident, loudmouthed adversary known as "deathstriker6666", whom they discover very quickly to be no noob.

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