Monday, December 6, 2010

Pure Pwnage! (ep06)

Pure PwnageImage via Wikipe
Jeremy is a leet gamer, but he still lives in his mom’s basement. His n00b brother Kyle, an aspiring filmmaker, documents Jeremy’s life as he is forced to get off his ass and get a "real" job.

Jeremy's computer has been confiscated by his mother, so he has intentions to spend the night playing CS:S at Dave's place. However, Kyle wants him to meet up with a girl named Anastasia before going to Dave's. Once he meets her, he realizes that she is the girl who kissed him in Episode 2, only nobody believed him at the time. After their second encounter, Jeremy has a strong desire to see Anastasia again. Despite his strong disliking of Warcraft and MMORPGs, he decides to buy World of Warcraft in order to meet up with her in the game world. Jeremy uses Dave's computer to play, and soon falls in love with both Anastasia and WoW.

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