Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Ant-Society presents: Human Hair, Part 1 (1979)

Excerpt from documentary by Nancy Cain and Bart Friedman on their trip from Woodstock, NY to the Chicago Editing Center.

In this excerpt: Cain reads news report about a nuclear accident, and we see a reporter mistakenly attribute the accident at a nuclear power plant to human hair instead of human error; Cain and Friedman at site of a fire at Racine and Clyborn. At Palestine Kosher Red Hots and Sausage next door, people continue to eat, despite the fact that the building next door is burning down completely. They try to interview the firefighters, who are completely reticent, only telling them that the fire was started by a match; Friedman interviews men who are salvaging bricks from the wreckage of the fire. These men do not corroborate the report that the fire was started by a match; Cain and Friedman at an industrial site where scrap metal is being taken out of a giant pile with a giant magnet and put on a barge. Cain talks about capitalism and about having to give her thumbprint to cash a check.

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