Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ZOIDS - Toshihiro Nakazawa

CGI used in the overseas TV series, Zoids, made using the toon shader of Soft-Image 3D and 2D cel animations blended smoothly without any oddness.

Director: Takao Kato
Producer: Toshihiro Nakazawa

First, each 3D CG model's basic actions (walking, running, jumping) were established, then using the ''animation sequencer'' function of SoftImage 3D, an autofilling ''motion blend'' was performed on the changing parts between the basic actions to produce many cuts. Then, RETAS! PRO and After Effects were used for the cel drawings combining 2D characters, hanging smoke, rock, and natural objects. These made it possible to fine-tune the arrangement, and any oddness between the two was eliminated.

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