Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Retro-Core! (ep05)

Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemImage via Wikipedia

Retro-Core is produced by a guy (called Yakumo) who lives in Japan and tries to cover a ton of classic, rare, or weird video games. He shows footage of them in action, talks briefly about them, and gives a hands on opinion.

Two new features are introduced in this volume which are "The Anime Corner" which shows the introduction from one of the many Japanese love adventure games out there and "Shite of the Month" which you can probably guess what that's about.

Games covered in volume 7 are Mega Drive Virtua Racing, Saturn Elevator Action Returns, PlayStation G-Darius, Super Famicom Chomakai Mura (Super Ghouls & Ghosts), Master System Dynamite Dux, Dreamcast Fushigi Dungeon and Arcade Mercs.

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