Monday, November 29, 2010

Pure Pwnage! (ep05)

Pure PwnageImage via Wikipe
Jeremy is a leet gamer, but he still lives in his mom’s basement. His n00b brother Kyle, an aspiring filmmaker, documents Jeremy’s life as he is forced to get off his ass and get a "real" job.

Jeremy "graciously" lets Kyle show a short film he made in film school, titled "Strong Man, Angry Man". After viewing the short film, Jeremy laughs and sarcastically mentions to Kyle that the film was "pretty good". Next, Jeremy insults Kyle’s camera skills, and claims that Kyle’s films will never pwn. They end up having an argument, causing Kyle to depart with his camera. He decides to start filming Doug instead, but Doug loses to a noob, due to lag, and develops a tantrum. Escaping Doug's somewhat psychotic behaviour, Kyle walks away to consider his dispute with Jeremy. Kyle realizes that their friendship is more important than creative differences, and they remain friends, or "mates" as the title implies.

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