Monday, November 15, 2010

Pure Pwnage! (ep03)

Pure PwnageImage via Wikipe

 Jeremy is a leet gamer, but he still lives in his mom’s basement. His n00b brother Kyle, an aspiring filmmaker, documents Jeremy’s life as he is forced to get off his ass and get a "real" job.

Jeremy begins by visiting two friends that are from "Europia or whatever" who translate messages for all the "Germanic" and "Hollandaise" fans of the show. Jeremy complains about EA, the company that develops and produces his favorite game, Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour. Jeremy expresses his disappointment that EA discontinued support for Zero Hour. Afterwards, Jeremy comes across his old friend Doug (a.k.a. "FPS Doug") in a parking lot, who is fending off imaginary adversaries. Jeremy explains the story of their childhood friendship, and their subsequent falling out. As a "behind the scenes" featurette, Dave (Dawei) is shown for the first time, as the crewmember who held a lamp in Jeremys room in Episode 2.

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