Wednesday, October 20, 2010

About Flex Your Rights | How to Flex Your Rights During Police Encounters

"A recent encounter with a certain female B.P.D. officer left me with a dirty taste in my mouth. I think that the unpleasant flavor was a direct result of all of the shit the officer pulled. She was just one of those bitter and narrow minded individuals who should never be given any kind of "authority" or "power" (and I use those terms loosely in this case). Everything from her initial unprofessional demeanor to her blatant disregards for the constitutional rights of those individuals present was way out of line. You can read the full story of that encounter HERE! The very presence of B.P.D. was completely unwarranted, as is often the case, and  thus no arrest were made or citations issued.
That incident and the disturbing implications made by that female officers use of intimidation tactics, right here in itty-bitty B-town, prompted the following educational post."

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