Monday, July 26, 2010

A Public Service Announcement from AStv.

The Anti-Society brings you this lil' informative video as part of an ongoing campaign to expose corruption and deception in local government her in Bloomington, IN. In October of 1993, Kruzan was arrested for theft and residential entry -- both Class D felonies -- after using a key to enter, without her consent, the apartment of a woman he had been dating, Debora Frazier. In a series of newspaper articles published in The Herald-Times from October 4, 1993, through October 6, 1993, Kruzan made numerous comments and statements to the paper attempting to explain his reasons for entering the apartment without permission from his former girlfriend and for stealing items he had previously given to her. According to a police affidavit, Kruzan also made a statement admitting to removing a screen from the former girlfriend's window "to make her feel 'uneasy and nervous.'" (The Herald-Times, Oct. 5, 1993.)

If you would like to find out about corruption and deception in our national government check out "The Obama Deception" here on AStv.

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  1. Looks like his lacky had your video taken down!